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My Perfect Blend At Speedway

As an interdisciplinary Highwire Branding capstone team, we were given a charge by Speedway convenience stores to increase engagement and loyalty in Speedway and the Speedy Rewards program among millennial consumers by creating a unique marketing plan and design strategy. Our group determined that rebranding and promoting Speedway’s coffee offerings would be an effective strategy to engage millennials. The My Perfect Blend brand is inspired by the endless possibilities available to the coffee drinkers at Speedway.

The look and feel of the brand was inspired by this unique experience and the celebration of coffee. The main typeface is bold, but has a rough-hewn quality that implies a hand touch. “Perfect” is emphasized to promote personalization, and the coffee bean element represents the blending action. The color palette consists of warm browns, which are associated with coffee, with a pop of Speedway red. In application, a typographic texture of fun phrases celebrating coffee is used to bring in warmth and personality. This brand was applied to various in-store and out-of-store applications to reach consumers in a variety of engaging ways.

* The contents of this portfolio were created for a marketing project sponsored by Speedway LLC. The contents including the food truck are entirely conceptual in nature and do not represent actual Speedway programs or actual Speedway brands. My participation in the Speedway project was as a student, and not as an employee or contractor of Speedway. The contents of this portfolio are considered confidential by Speedway, and may not be copied or distributed for any reason. Speedway has expressly authorized my use of the contents for the project itself, and for my own job search portfolio.

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