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Soulsight in iconic full-service, Chicago, design, and branding agency. Whoes primary focus is on the development of food & beverage packaging design.

My role entailed working alongside designers and account managers to aid with brainstorming, ideation, conception, and completion of various projects for national brand clients. My work included sitting in on meeting with clients, scoping projects, organizing concept ideation, and aiding in designing campaigns from conception to completion while ensuring quality standards and adherence to brand guidelines. Clients included V8, Campbell’s Soup, Kraft-Heinz, and ACH Foods. One of my various roles was to help the designers create style and moldboards to aid the brand revitalization process. I had the opportunity to sit in on client meetings and utilize my design skills to create a company pitch video to help aid management in showcasing the company culture to prospective clients. My internship provided me a unique opportunity to explore a new area of my profession, gain valuable design skills and insight into how packaging design influences brand loyalty and how companies use their brands to sell products.


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